Betty and Keith from our hearts we cannot thank you or praise you enough.

Wedding photographs are those rare snapshots in life that are shared across generations, but it is only the few that truly capture the moment. Betty and Keith from Untamed Images are masters at what they do, capturing every moment and emotion in every single photograph that they took of our special day. We were truly amazed at how stunning our photographs turned out.

I recall us reviewing the photographs for the first time and being moved to tears of joy simply because you could feel the happiness of the moment in each photograph that Betty and Keith took. Betty and Keith – not only did you make our special day last an eternity through your work, but you were able to capture the energy, emotion and joy of each and every moment in your photographs. We were overwhelmed by the magic that you showed us when we first viewed our photos, and every time we look at them we still can’t believe it is possible to capture in a photograph what you have been able to.

Our photographs are a testament to how genuine, caring and helpful Betty and Keith are. They really took the time to sit with us and discuss what we wanted out of our wedding photographs before our special day, and they far exceeded every expectation that we had. The venues that you picked were flawless, and the ideas that you bought to us to make our photographs unique was fantastic.

Being a husband and wife team it is clear from their work that they truly have love and passion for what they do. It is the unexpected surprises you get on your wedding day that really make it that little more special, and the way that Betty and Keith were competing for the best photo on our special day was one of those.

No testimonial or praise you read here will ever do Betty and Keith justice for the stunning work they do. I really urge you to go visit them and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed.

Betty and Keith, we couldn’t recommend you more highly. Thank You a thousand times.