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Our Wedding Photographers from Untamed Images are leading specialists in high quality professional bridal photography.

Ensure your Magical Day remains unforgettable through the eyes of our world-class photographers. Our Melbourne wedding photographer capture the emotional beauty of this intimate and timeless ritual and our international award winning wedding photography is testament to that.

Our highly trained and professional Melbourne wedding photographers, Keith and Betty will use their artistry to capture your wedding day. A perfect blend of photojournalism, fashion and elegance fused to capture the beauty, splendour and nuances to create your style and timeless memories. Their distinctive observational approach allows their images to appear natural with minimal direction on their part.

At Untamed Images, our award winning Melbourne based wedding photographers, are reputed for their graceful photographic style and their photography is always highly received by clients and esteemed colleagues alike. Bridal Photography at it’s best.

Our Melbourne wedding photography services are available within Australia and all over the world. Please contact us at Untamed Images to get exceptional and the best wedding photography in Melbourne, Australia.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still

Dorothea Lange

About the team

I have always had an interest in photography, but didn’t get into it until my father passed away 16 years ago. I discovered we didn’t have many photos of my wonderful Dad to put together an album in his memory and I found that quite distressing. It was at that point, that I realised I was able to capture stories of family and people around me in a beautiful light.

Being a true romantic, I began shooting weddings. I enjoyed capturing the honest display of heartfelt emotions between two people and their congregation of guests celebrating the intimacy and beauty of this timeless ritual. And the rest as they say, is history…

As the world of photography is forever evolving, the one thing that remains unchanged over the years is my continued love of weddings. I find every wedding beautiful, and I am always honoured and humbled when a couple trusts me with the most important day of their lives and that to me, is sacred.

I am married to my best friend (and business partner) who continually inspires me in love, life and photography. We are proud parents to a beautiful little girl Thalia, who is very quickly learning the art herself. In our spare time we love to travel and spend time away, always with camera in hand of course.

There are infinite possibilities as a photographer, and I am always inspired by capturing a couple’s story and preserving their treasure for future generations waiting to be born…

Betty Bletas-Lewis

I have always had a passion for the creative arts and my favourite subjects at school were music and art. I spent all my free time either painting/studying art or playing/writing music, so these avenues were a creative outlet growing up. Later on, I discovered the wonderful world of photography..

It was only when I began my career in professional printing for photographic labs, that I discovered photography. I got to develop many amazing images in different genres and this inspired me to go out and take my own. I was very fortunate as I got to apply the insight and knowledge passed on to me by so many great photographers into my own work.

I began shooting Fine Art and portraiture and after completing a series of fine art images, I exhibited my work at a couple of exhibitions in Melbourne to wonderful reviews. Then one day, a good friend of mine asked me to shoot her wedding.

The wedding was amazing in its own right but as a photographer, I was totally immersed in the splendour of the day. I captured those special and fleeting moments; from the intimacy shared between the couple to the emotions and heartfelt joy shared by all. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back and I still have the same enthusiasm and passion as I did back then.

I have met so many wonderful people through my work including my gorgeous wife (and business partner). As a team, our vision at Untamed Images is to tell of a unique story with a distinct sense of artistry, and to epitomize the love of the human spirit and bring delight to the viewer.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else..

Keith Lewis

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